Hundreds pack church prompting fears of super-spreader event


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — A Charlotte church is packed with members just a month after hundreds of its members tested positive for COVID19, some died.

The church was just shut down by the health department in November and deemed a super-spreader.

200 covid cases were tied back to the church after a convocation. 

“I think that churches can meet but they have to do it very carefully with this COVID19,” said Chris, a neighbor. 

Chris is not a member of the United House of Prayer for All People, but he says he heard about the recent church event with Bishop C. M. Bailey. 

“After they had what they had last time happen, I mean I don’t think they should meet at all. 

If it was me, I just think people’s lives are more important than any type of service,” said Chris.

One of the church’s top leaders, Bishop C.M. Bailey is said to be here at the church for an event. That event expected to draw hundreds of members. 

“Pastors have to get paid like everyone else but I think they’re going to extremes to be paid,” said Chris. 

The church was shut down in November by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. 

Mecklenburg County Health Department says they reached out to the church and leaders said only a limited amount of people would be inside.

“Wash your hands, stay socially distanced and do what the CDC tells you to do,” said Chris. 


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