Local pastor’s wife hospitalized, in isolation after being tested for COVID-19


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW)- Kim Strong the Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Conway said his wife is hospitalized, in isolation after being tested for COVID-19.

“She’s a very sick person and I just want to get her well and bring her home,” said Kim Strong.

Pastor Kim Strong said he and his wife Margo experienced flu-like symptoms while they visited their son in Spartanburg last week.

Strong said he started to get better, but his wife didn’t and he tried taking her to the doctor Saturday.

“I tried to get her into urgent care at Little River. They would not let us in urgent care. They had signs on the door saying if you’re experiencing flu type symptoms please do not come in.” said Strong.

Strong said they then tried telehealth options.

“On Monday, she was worse so we tried a different doctor’s care went on their portal and waited 45 to 50 minutes and nobody ever came to see about us,” said Strong.

By Tuesday morning, his wife had to go to the hospital. She was tested for the flu which came back negative, and doctors told strong she has all the evidence of COVID-19.

“It came out that she has the scarring in her lungs and that go with the COVID-19 virus as it progresses through the human body,” said Strong.

Margo’s COVID-19 test results have not come back yet, and not included in the total number of confirmed cases in the county. Strong was told it could take up to 5 days to get them. He said she’s also fighting viral pneumonia, sepsis, and a blood clot.

“We haven’t been around anybody that we know of that has COVID-19. We don’t know anybody that’s been around someone with COVID-19, so how we got that virus I have no idea,” said Strong.

While his wife is in isolation and he can’t visit her, the pastor is counting on the power of prayer.

“The only thing I’ve been able to do for my wife is solicit prayer from every prayer group in this state. I’ve even have a group of Buddhist in Texas praying for my wife,” said Strong.

While Strong is in self-quarantine, he said doctors have not suggested he get tested for COVID-19.


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