Pittsburgh area reports COVID-19 cases linked to Myrtle Beach


PITTSBURGH (WBTW) — The Pittsburgh area reported cases of COVID-19 linked to Myrtle Beach Thursday, according to the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD).

Between June 20 and June 30, ACHD investigated 712 new COVID-19 cases. Of those cases, people testing positive reported traveling out of state to at least 60 different locations, the health department said.

According to ACHD, Myrtle Beach was one of the areas that came up most often during interviews conducted with the new cases. Other locations that came up among the new cases include Hilton Head, Miami, Orlando, Clearwater, Fla., Tampa, Raleigh, Youngstown, Ohio, Houston, and Nashville.

The health department did not specify exactly how many of the cases were linked to Myrtle Beach.

The new cases are in the age range of four months to 97 years, with a median age of 27 years old. Three-fourths of the new cases in Allegheny County were between 19 and 49 years old.

Other positive cases were linked to 40 different bars and nightclubs in and around Allegheny County, some of which were mentioned several times, according to the health department.

Some who tested positive were employees at 12 different restaurants and bars around the county, and four cases said they had attended protests, the health department said.

News13 reached out to the Allegheny County Health Department to get specific numbers on how many people tested positive after visiting Myrtle Beach and we were told neither a specific number or an estimate is available at this time.

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