South Carolina reaches another surge high as state nears 5,000 new, confirmed COVID-19 cases


Cameron County, on the Gulf Coast of Texas and bordering Mexico, has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases among unaccompanied migrant children held in detention facilities in the county. (file/MGN photo)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina’s daily number of new, confirmed COVID-19 cases hit a summer surge record late last week, according to information provided Tuesday from the state’s health agency.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control released four separate days worth of information on Tuesday, with reports based on data it received two days prior to the date on each, separate report.

In its Saturday report, released Tuesday, DHEC announced 4,901 new, confirmed cases, 1,184 probable cases, 26 new, confirmed deaths and 12 probable COVID-19-caused deaths. Those deaths include the confirmed deaths of two people in Darlington County, one person in Florence County, three people in Horry County and two people in Marion County. Among the probable COVID-19-caused deaths was one person in Horry County.

The Sunday report shows 4,585 new, confirmed cases, 1,150 probable cases, 53 confirmed deaths and 20 probable COVID-19-caused deaths. Among the confirmed deaths were three people in Florence County and three in Horry County. There were four probable deaths in Horry County.

The Monday report includes 3,673 new, confirmed cases, 1,127 probable cases, 47 confirmed deaths and six probable COVID-19-caused deaths. Among those confirmed deaths was one person in Florence County and four people in Horry County. There was one probable death in Marlboro County.

Tuesday’s report includes 3,453 confirmed cases, 304 probable cases, 23 confirmed deaths and five probable deaths. Of 39,904 new tests reported to the state, 12.3% were positive for the virus.

Among the new deaths included in Tuesday’s report are the confirmed death of one person in Dillon County, one confirmed and one probable death in Horry County, and onoe confirmed death in Marlboro County. 

The updates bring the state’s totals to 625,786 confirmed cases, 147,399 probable cases, 9,583 confirmed deaths and 1,389 probable COVID-19-caused deaths.

As of Monday, acute hospital occupancy numbers were 1.3% lower than the week before. COVID-19 hospitalizations were up 11.2%, the number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators was 18.9% higher than the previous week and 5.2% more COVID-19 patients were in intensive care units. COVID-19 hospital admissions were up by 10.1% compared to the following week.

There have been 6,808 total breakthrough cases, leading to 130 deaths, according to information updated by DHEC on Tuesday. The percentage of fully-vaccinated people who have had a breakthrough infection is .3305%, and the percent of fully-vaccinated people who have died from the virus is .0063%. 

New, local case counts, based on Tuesday’s single-day report, is as follows:

Darlington – 18 confirmed, three probable

Dillon – 31 confirmed, one probable

Florence – 108 confirmed, four probable

Horry – 170 confirmed, 76 probable

Marion – 32 confirmed, one probable

Marlboro – 15 confirmed

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