South Carolina’s COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to decrease


Coronavirus delta variant. (File/Getty)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) – Twenty percent fewer people with COVID-19 are hospitalized compared to a week ago, according to information updated Sunday from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The week-over-week comparison also reveals that 19.1% fewer COVID-19 patients are on a ventilator, 17.6% fewer COVID-19 patients are in intensive care units and COVID-19 hospital admissions are down by 16.3%.

Of the state’s 11,512 inpatient hospital beds, 77.31% were occupied, as of data updated Monday. Of those, 14.91% were being used by COVID-19 patients. The state’s ICU beds were 74.8% occupied, and 38.59% of the state’s ventilators were in use.

The numbers follow a trend over the last few weeks of a decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations. Case counts also continue to decline.

DHEC released three separate reports on Monday, based on data it received two days before each report.

Monday’s report includes 1,017 new, confirmed cases, 235 probable cases and eight confirmed deaths. Of 28,719 new tests reported to the state, 5.5% were positive for the virus.

Among those deaths was the confirmed COVID-19 death of one person in Florence County.

Sunday’s report includes 1,069 confirmed cases, 351 probable cases, 28 confirmed deaths and 12 probable COVID-19-caused deaths. Among those deaths was one probable COVID-19-caused death in Florence County, two confirmed and three probable deaths in Horry County, and one probable death in Marlboro County.

Saturday’s report includes 1,286 confirmed cases, 451 probable cases, 42 confirmed deaths and 16 probable COVID-19-caused deaths. Among those deaths was one confirmed COVID-19 death in Florence County, two confirmed and two probable deaths in Horry County, and one confirmed death in Marlboro County.

Monday’s update brings the state’s totals to 705,517 confirmed cases, 173,495 probable cases, 11,283 confirmed deaths and 1,751 probable COVID-19-caused deaths. 

New case counts for local counties included in the Monday report are as follows:

Darlington – Five confirmed, nine probable

Dillon – Five confirmed

Florence – 15 confirmed, five probable

Horry – 69 confirmed, 18 probable

Marion – Three confirmed

Marlboro – Four confirmed, three probable

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