(CNN) – The new school year has already begun for some students, but millions more will head back to the classroom in the coming weeks.

For many, that classroom will be virtually in their own homes. But how will schools keep the kids who do return to campus safe?

A robot was recently designed to help custodians save on disinfecting time and is armed with powerful UVC lights.

“UVC is blocked by the ozone layer, which is why UVC is germicidal in nature. So viruses, bacteria yeasts, and mold have not had the need to develop defense mechanisms against this because it’s never penetrated our atmosphere,” said Chris Proud with Safe Space Technologies.

The device is called the Mobile Disinfection Robot and was designed by Safe Space Technologies. Its sole purpose is to disinfect super large rooms of germs and viruses with UVC lights. It was specifically designed to attack school cafeterias, gymnasiums, and other large rooms in commercial businesses as well.

“You could do two cafeterias and two gymnasiums in four hours, which would take a lot longer if you are using manpower,” Proud said.

It’s fully high tech with an internal GPS system and sensors to move around any object and it can be programmed and monitored remotely by laptop, tablet or smartphone.

“It can run to an area a needs to disinfect, disinfect that room, all while watching that in real time,” Proud said.

Safe Space Technologies also developed a manual version for custodial staff to push into smaller spaces like restrooms. A cabinet version has been created for books tablets and toys.

“By leveraging technology, we built systems to help those schools reopen safely, to help those businesses and hospitals function safely, so that they can return,” Proud said.