(MYRTLE BEACH, SC WBTW) Today is the 10th anniversary of the Palmetto State tradition, Salute from the Shore.

Salute from the Shore takes place every 4th of July with a military and vintage plane flyover of the South Carolina coastline.

This year, there will be two F-18s, a C-17 and eight vintage planes.

The flyover will start at Cherry Grove and fly to Bluffton along the coast starting at 1 P.M., a flight that only takes about 30 minutes.

The planes will be over Myrtle Beach at 1:03 and Pawleys Island at 1:06 P.M.

Will Howard has been on the Salute from the Shore board since the organization began 10 years ago and says, the organization has grown tremendously and there has been a large increase in participation.

“We’ve asked people from the beginning to come out and wear your red, white and blue, wave and say thank you, but now if you go out on the beach anywhere on the South Carolina coast at about 12:30 or 12:45, you start to see that excitement swell,” Howard said.

To submit videos and photos of the Salute from the Shore to their website, click here.