2 face drug charges after 14 people found sleeping at Johnsonville home


JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Authorities found 14 people sleeping at a home during a drug investigation in an area known as “the Neck.”

Two of the people at the home were sleeping in a car and using a toaster to keep themselves warm, according to Chief Deputy Glenn Kirby.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office received numerous complaints alleging large scale drug use at the home and distribution to people in the Johnsonville area, Kirby said. The search was conducted in the early morning hours on Thursday at 601 Mack’s Lake Road.

Authorities had been investigating the area for two months and were able to buy methamphetamines resulting in arrest warrants. They were not surprised to find fourteen people sleeping at that location, Kirby said. Two of whom were sleeping in a car and using a toaster to keep themselves warm.

James Mickel Powell and Megan Powell were arrested on drug charges. Mike Powell was charged with Distribution of methamphetamine and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Megan Powell was charged with distribution of methamphetamine

During the search, Investigators found a quantity of methamphetamine resulting in additional charges for Mike Powell.

Two of the individuals present, Richard Grey and James Powell currently had active warrants for their arrest and were subsequently arrested.

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