26-year-old opens gaming lounge in downtown Lake City


LAKE CITY, S.C. — Alex Young, 26, recently opened AME Gaming Palace, located in downtown Lake City at 119 West Main Street.

The establishment is a video game lounge that offers a spacious and comfortable atmosphere for gamers of all ages to play a variety of games with people across the globe.

“It took a little while. It took a lot of motivation. It did get a little stressful, but it did work out and just being that it’s open and now that I’m seeing people coming in and out and having a good time and laughing and joking it’s just an amazing feeling,” Young says.

People of all ages can come in and play games, but this lounge has other purposes. Young says he had a love for gaming and wanted to bring a business of this kind to a community where it wasn’t prevalent.

“We have the Xbox 1, and we have the PS4’s. We are working towards getting the older retro games from the Nintendo 64 all the way down to the Sega Dreamcast, but we’re also adding PCs for kids that need to come in and do their homework and we’re also do tutoring,” Young says.

Young also said he wants other young people in the community to see his business and believe there are no limits.

“If you think you can do it, go after it because it’s worth it at the end and motivation is having someone to back you up. Somebody on your side just saying oh no we’re not going to give up, we can do this, we can do that. Just having that extra push,” Young said.

Young says you can also come and watch Netflix and have family gathering time. He continued to say his three motivations for opening this business were youth, family and community.

“I’m not doing this just for me. I’m trying to do it for the community especially our younger people. A lot of people want to go to school, but they just don’t have the funding for it. Being that I am working towards building a future here and giving back scholarships that is going to be a huge thing of my success part,” Young says.

For more information on AME Gaming Palace, call 803-900-0278 or 843-956-5413. AME Gaming Palace is open 12 – 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., on Saturdays. Young says they also host private events on Sundays. You can also visit the AME Gaming Palace Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/amegaming.palace.

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