James Jordan (1993 photo. Source: Associated Press)

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) – Thursday, July 23, 2020 marks 27 years since the shooting death of James Jordan, NBA star Michael Jordan’s father, in Lumberton. Former Robeson County D.A. Johnson Britt spoke with News 13’s Lacey Lee on his memories of the trial.

“It’s the one case that will stay with me forever,” Britt says.

Jordan was traveling from Charlotte to Wilmington when he stopped on the side of the road in Lumberton to take a nap. That’s when Larry Demery and Daniel Green shot, killed and robbed Jordan.

Larry Demery (Source: NC Dept. of Public Safety)

“They resorted to committing crimes and they went on a string of robberies this being the third string,” Britt continues.

Demery and Green took all of Jordan’s possessions including his phone and NBA rings gifted from his son, Michael Jordan. The two then dumped James Jordan’s body in a swamp in McColl. His body was found there 11 days later.

Daniel Green AP_1544056782950.jpeg.jpg
Daniel Green (Source: Associated Press)

“This is a case that it’s legacy will live with this community literally forever. You know when you go places and they ask you where are you from and you say Lumberton, North Carolina and they go, ‘why do I know that?’ and that’s when you say, ‘that’s where James Jordan died’ and it’s not a good legacy in that sense but that’s what a lot of people remember us by,” Britt says.

Both Demery and Green were convicted of 1st-degree murder and armed robbery and each got life sentences. However, Britt says Demery is eligible for parole. Count on News13 for more updates.