A non-profit hosts third annual Christmas Blitz in Lake City


LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) – Home works, a non-profit organization hosted their third annual Christmas Blitz to repair homes for four families in Lake City.

A home on Independence Avenue has been passed on for many generations, but the family tells News13 they’re grateful ‘Home Works’ is giving them a helping hand during the holiday season.

“When we first moved into this house it was may of 1966,” said homeowner, Sandra Jackson.

Since 1966, a lot of things have changed at the Jackson residence.

“My parents had four children here and they also raised four of my mother’s sisters, so the house was full,” said Jackson.

Overtime, the Jackson house needed some work. “We needed a new roof, one of the bedroom floors started to sink in as well,” said Jackson.

Thanks to ‘Home Works’, the Jackson family was able to get a home repair for free.

“I can tell you, getting this work done is such a blessing, it really is a blessing,” said Jackson.

The non-profit helps the elderly, those who are disabled, or veterans.

“It warms the heart not only for our staff, but for our volunteers because it gives them an avenue to give back to the community,” said executive director, Joe Huggins.

The high school and college volunteers spent Friday afternoon repairing four homes around Lake City.

“It’s very wholesome to me. It’s heartwarming and the fact we’re helping another person is motivational for me,” said volunteer, Dominick Lester.

“To be able to fix that for someone, that changes their life and it changes their outlook. Part of what we try to do is bring hope to our homeowners that we really do care,” said Huggins.

Now the Jackson family hopes for one thing.

“My grandson asked me just a couple of days ago, where this house would be going to and I said your father. Hopefully he’ll continue to keep the home and keep it in the family,” said Jackson.

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