Capitol Watch with Bob Juback: Rep. Tom Rice


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – News13 anchor Bob Juback recently sat down with South Carolina 7th District Congressman Tom Rice, to discuss a number of topics for our first installment of our new digital segment, “Capitol Watch with Bob Juback”.

Among the topics Congressman Rice covered, the latest on Iran and the ongoing effort for I-73 in South Carolina.

The killing of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani continues to have mixed reviews in Congress, many members staying along party lines on the issue.

Congressman Tom Rice, a Republican, offered his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s decision to kill the Iranian general.

“We can’t sit here and not respond at all. We have to let them know there’s a consequence for attacking our areas and killing Americans. I mean there was an American contractor killed,” Congressman Rice said. “Now I want to know more about the decision-making process and where they ultimately sent the missile in, but I do agree that this man- the world is better off that he’s not there in it.”

In our area, one of the top, ongoing stories has been Interstate 73, and how to pay for it. In recent months, many municipalities in Horry County have said ‘no’ to sending hospitality fee money to the county, which would help pay for I-73.

Congressman Rice says local money is needed to build the road. He says the days of the feds paying for it all, are over but he says her works hard in Washington to keep I-73 alive, not just for Horry County and tourism, but to bring high-paying jobs to the entire region, including the Pee Dee.

“I believe that I-73 infrastructure will do more to lift the quality of life of the people who live throughout this 8-county district than anything else I can do. If we want our children, if we want our children, to be able to stay here and find good jobs, rather than go to Charleston or Columbia or Greenville, we have to have that infrastructure.”

Congressman Rice also talked with our Bob Juback about a number of other topics, including the latest on the impeachment efforts, his opinion on President Trump, and South Carolina having the second best unemployment rate in the country.

To watch the full interview with Congressman Rice, click the video at the top of this story.

And stay with us as we continue this regular segment, speaking with lawmakers who represent you.

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