City of Lake City Council passes mask ordinance


LAKE CITY, (S.C) – Lake City Council unanimously passed a mask ordinance on Wednesday that encourages people to wear masks. Although the agenda for the meeting indicated earlier in the week that this would be a mask requirement, that changed during Wednesday night’s meeting when it was passed as a mask suggestion.

In a Facebook post from Lake City, the ordinance was explained:

“Good evening the City of Lake City Council passed an ordinance tonight that urges citizens and the employee of commercial businesses to wear masks. There are a myriad of exceptions to include those having pre-existing medical conditions which preclude them from wearing masks, as well as children under the age of 10. This ordinance also excludes places of worship, but strongly encourages parishioners to wear masks.There are no fines associated with the ordinance to date. As of June 30th there were 139 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the 29560 zip code. DHEC estimates the cases to be closer to 1,000 in the 29560 zip code. Please continue to social distance, wear masks in public, and know that we are merely trying to stem the tide of the illness, because the last thing that we would like to see is our businesses and livelihoods shut down. Be blessed!”

Council plans to use their social media, traditional media, and their website to get the message across to the public. This ordinance recommends that all persons entering a commercial establishment wear a face covering. All restaurants and salons should require their employees to wear a mask.

Joseph Matthews, Lake City resident says he agrees with their being a mask ordinance in Lake City. “We’re all in this thing together. That’s the way I see it,” Matthews says. “I don’t understand why people would object against it anyway. You know this is a bad thing. The only way to get rid of it is if everybody cooperates,” Matthew continues.

“July 4th weekend coming up…we’re going to have traffic coming in through 78 going from the west to the east and we’re having people coming in from he north to the south. If they were to get off that exit in Lake City and go to Walmart we don’t know who is going into that store, we don’t know if these people are carriers,” Council member Sondra Fleming-Crosby said.

This ordinance will go into effect July 3rd at 6am through Sept 4th which is for 61 days.

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