Community gathers for Mullins ‘Day of Action’


MULLINS, S.C. (WBTW) – Local philanthropist, Kelli Williams, hosted a drive-thru ‘Day of Action’ event in Mullins, S.C. on Saturday. This community event was an opportunity for residents to register to vote, but that’s not all. There was on site census, disaster recovery, back to school supply giveaway, free food and Covid and Flu testing.

“People are wanting their voices to be heard, people are wanting to activate and actually get involved. So this is showing me that people want it so guess what, we are going to make it happen,” Williams says.

Mikko Pickett, Mullins community activist, says no pandemic is going to slow the mission of getting people to vote down and it’s important that people know about the 3 V’s.

“Be visible in our community. We need to be safe right, but we need to be visible. The second V is use your voice and that’s what we’re all out here doing today. We are engaging in conversation with people.” Pickett says.

“We’re using our voice because you know what it’s ok to talk about what’s important to you and what’s important to our community and the last V is use your vote. Which is the most important V of them all.”

Meleah Platt, Mullins community activist, is from Mullins and says seeing the cars lined to register to vote says a lot about the direction Mullins is headed.

“Seeing this kind of movement and this type of comradery and unity in the community, guess what, it speaks volumes. It tells me that we are definitely on a current that’s moving in the right direction,” Platt says.

Williams says they will continue to work with the community as she says it is time for change.

“Vote November 3rd. We need everybody out of your homes, pull your next door neighbors, your family, your friends, your cousins…get out and vote. It is time for change. Here in America, here in the state of South Carolina and especially here in Mullins.”

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