CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — People living in one Conway-area neighborhood were cut off by feet of floodwater from the Waccamaw River Tuesday night.

Residents in the South Ferry neighborhood say it’s a difficult problem with living near a river, but also something they want to stop.

“We love our neighborhood,” said Jan Johnson. “We love our homes. I have some of the best neighbors that you could ever ask for and I do not want to leave here.”

Homes in South Ferry looked like a group of small islands surrounded by floodwater from the Waccamaw. Pitch Landing Road, which is the only road out of the neighborhood, is under about three feet of water, which means you need a boat or a kayak to leave.

Some Hummers, lifted pickup trucks and other higher vehicles can make it through. Neighbors concerned about wakes from the vehicles pushing water towards homes put up a sign at the spot on the road where residents park their cars and take a boat into the neighborhood.

The sign reads, “Homeowners only!!! No wake! If you don’t live here, do not enter.”

“With my house being the first one here on this corner, it’s going to force all that water to go into my garage and the building behind it,” Johnson said.

News13 surveyed the flooding in Pitch Landing after Hurricane Florence in 2018. South Ferry homes were under seven feet of water.

Those who live in South Ferry say the flooding that seems to happen every few months is changing the landscape and where water collects.

“It’s just the different angles in the ways that it comes up,” said Diane Haslar. “When I went to bed last night, this road was fine. I get up this morning, this road is flooded.”

While those who live here understand the good and bad that comes with “river life,” they want Horry County to make one major fix: elevating Pitch Landing Road so flooding doesn’t strand them.

“Some of us in here are sick,” said Sandra Causey. “They’re not able to even get in a boat, so if we could get that road fixed, it would be a great help.”

The National Weather Service says the Waccamaw River is expected to rise another half-a-foot in Conway before cresting Thursday evening, but it’s expected to stay at major flood stage at least through the weekend.