Darlington Raceway fans choose to camp for the competition


DARLINGTON, S.C. (WBTW)– Many fans at Darlington Raceway don’t just come for the main event. Some campers showed up as early as Wednesday for some extra fun. Many campers said they’re glad to see old friends at the races as well as kick back.

One fan has been camping at Darlington Raceway for the last 22 years. Danny Ainsworth said his favorite things are sharing drinks with the friends he considers family.

“It’s just like a big NASCAR family here,” Danny Ainsworth said. “Let’s get back in the groove and get this COVID whipped and get it out of here so we can get back to enjoying racing.” He said he missed the event last year due to COVID-19 concerns and was glad to be back. For other campers, it was a new experience.

“This is my kid’s first time coming,”Meagan Hyatt said, “Everybody’s so friendly because it’s race weekend.” Fans gathered under awnings between campers to eat, drink, play games and enjoy the company of their pets.

“This here’s Dega- she was rescued on the way to Talladega, standing beside I-20,” Shawn Elmore said of his dog, “She sees lots of other NASCAR Doggies and meets a lot of people and really gets along good.” Campers said going to the race is fun, but the real festivities start afterward.

“People will be a little rowdy. They might be coming back from the race, maybe had one too many adult beverages,” Stephen Faulkner said, “At one point it had this connotation that it was a redneck sport. Maybe, but there’s a lot of good rednecks around here, that’s all I can say.” Some of the campers plan to depart after the race on Sunday, but many plan to stay until Monday.

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