‘Doom scrolling’ is a result of rising tensions, research shows


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – New studies show over half of Americans have changed their social media habits because of tensions surrounding current events.

While many are using electronics more to stay connected during the pandemic, some may find themselves searching for more social media posts involving the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and politics.

Researchers say current issues can cause trauma and/or anxiety, especially if social media users see related content often.

Health experts call it “doom scrolling.”

“Where people are constantly looking online for information and I think that in itself is a symptom in some ways of anxiety,” local therapist Vickie Carey explained.

As many are following current issues more closely, Carey said more of her clients have shown an increase in anxiety and depression.

“I’ve had to tell a lot of clients, ‘Look, it’s not helping you to go online and to go on Facebook and keep scrolling’,” Carey said.

20% of those surveyed in the new study said they have recently had to take breaks from social media. Cary encourages social media users to limit the amount of time spent on online even if it’s your main source of information.

“It’s often not the news article itself, it’s those comments,” Carey explained. “And people then become personal calling names against the other side, and then someone has to come to their defense, and it becomes this cycle of negativity,” she said.

Scrolling before bedtime is also not recommended.


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