Family and friends hold a farewell processional for Lake City teen who passed away


JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) – Family and friends gathered in Johnsonville Saturday for a farewell processional for 18-year-old Khalil Fulton.

Authorities say Fulton drowned in at a Kansas lake on September 2nd. This happened not far from where he was going to school at Independence Community College.

Everyone who came drove from Johnsonville through Lake City and ended in Kingstree.

His aunt, Gilitra Ruff and his grandfather Gillie Fulton spoke with News13 on their memories of Khalil Fulton.

“Khalil being that he’s 18, he’s very young but he touched so many lives,” Ruff says.

Ruff says Khalil was respectful, kind and humble.

“Whatever you gave him, he’ll make you feel like you gave him the world,” Ruff continues.

Gillie Fulton, Khalil’s grandfather, says he would often talk to him about getting to the next level in life.

“He wanted to be a NFL star player and I know in my heart that he would’ve made that goal, that he would’ve accomplished this but he got sidelined by this tragic accident, but we love him and he will always be in our hearts,” Fulton says.

Ruff says the family is hurt by this tragedy, but wants everyone to remember the good times they’ve had with Khalil.

“Just remember who Khalil was. Watch his pictures, watch his smile, look into his eyes. They all tell a story. Khalil had a dream and he was on his way to accomplishing all of those dreams and just like it was mentioned before if my nephew had more time, he would’ve accomplished each and everyone of those dreams,” Ruff says.

Funeral service for Khalil Fulton followed the farewell processional at Kingstree Christian Academy.

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