Florence School District Three reopening plans


LAKE CITY, S.C. (WBTW) – Dr. Julia Mims, Vice Chairman Florence School District Three, said on record that she does not agree with Governor McMaster and South Carolina Superintendent Molly Spearman on the district having to hold in person instruction. In a board meeting Thursday, Mims expressed her concerns about in person instruction as she also works in healthcare.

“If anybody dies in this school district it is on Molly Spearman and Governor McMaster,” Mims says.

Strong words from Vice Chairman Mims, but some parents don’t agree with her.

“I don’t agree with her when she said that because if we chose to send our children to school we’re taking that chance in our hands,” says Michelle Brown.

Michelle Brown like many other parents are having to prepare and adjust to the new school reopening plans. Brown says she has 4 kids in Florence District Three Schools.

“I feel that my kids aren’t going to learn as much or learn as well as they would if they’re face to face with the teachers,” Brown says.

Under the new calendar, all students either virtually or in person will begin school September 8th. Elementary Schools will operate Monday-Friday. Middle and High Schools will operate on an A/B Hybrid plan with virtual instruction on Fridays.

Lisa Ellis, founder of SC for Ed, says she agrees with Vice Chairman Mims.

“We have felt very alone in that fight so for us it was very encouraging to see a school board member stand up and say our primary concern needs to be the safety of our students and teachers,” Ellis says.

Mims says safety for kids and staff has and always will be a top priority, but she feel politics is overshadowing health concerns.

“The whole Covid pandemic has been made political when it’s really a healthcare issue and I get it. It’s certainly affected our economy which is terrible but we handled it so poorly that this is where we are today,” Mims says.

Mims says going against the boards initial reopening plan was a hard decision to make, but in person instruction will just have to be a trial and error situation.

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