Horry County woman opens affordable mental health counseling


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) — One Horry County woman saw a local need for affordable mental health services and open her practice during the pandemic.

It’s been eight months since the start of the pandemic and many are still dealing with anxiety and depression. For the better part of the year, COVID-19 has impacted millions of lives and can stir heavy emotions.

Alfreda Small, the owner of Small Counseling and Wellness, says that you don’t have to suffer in silence.

“Anxiety, depression, mainly with losing jobs, definitely. Schooling and getting adjusted to that, because I know that’s not easy,” Small says.

Small is a licensed counselor who opened her practice during the pandemic. She says that the need for affordable mental health care in Horry County is great.

“They have to have either Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or United Health Care to get the services,” Small says, “People who do not have insurance are kind of left out in the wind.”

Small began charging clients based on what they can afford.

“One way I am overcoming the obstacle is through a sliding scale,” Small says. “So I’ll look at the total amount they make a year and base the price off of that.”

Small says getting professional counseling can offer solutions to problems many are facing.

“You have an unbiased person. You have a safe space where it’s confidential. You have a professional that has the experience to give you more insight on what’s going on with you,” Small says.

And in the mean time, she urges people to take care of their bodies.

“We’re up, we’re anxious, so definitely getting the rest. Drinking water, eating a balanced diet,” Small says, “Also reaching out, because you know we still are isolated, so reaching out to other people.”

If you are seeking help, you can contact Small Health and Wellness here.


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