How Horry County works to control the mosquito population


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) Horry County officials work to trap and test mosquitoes in the area for viruses, as a positive test for West Nile is found in the Palmetto State.

This week, authorities in Richland County, SC confirmed positive tests of the mosquito-transmitted virus.

The Horry County Mosquito Control Division places traps across the county in places where mosquitoes and humans generally interact such as a park. The mosquitoes they catch are frozen and send to DHEC to be tested for any viruses.

News13 talked to James Brock, the supervisor of the Mosquito Control Division in Horry County, he says this is not the busiest time of year for them and we generally see the largest population of mosquitoes from late August until November.

Aside from trapping and testing mosquitoes, the County focuses on breaking the breeding cycle of the insects and tell News13, there are ways you can help as well.

Brock says it takes just one bottle cap full of water to attract 50 mosquitoes, so it’s important to get rid of any standing water near your home. 

“Make sure that your gutters are clean, that your boat plugs are out, that your boats are tipped, that your tarps are tight, that you clean your bird baths out and your flower pots, any standing water,” Brock said.

There have not been any positive tests for West Nile in Horry County in 2019.

Brock also tells News13, it’s imperative that all pets be vaccinated for mosquito-related illnesses as well. He says it can take just one mosquito bite to harm your pet.

Although the county does not follow any routine spraying schedule, you can submit a request for spraying by clicking here.

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