Maine nurse helps to heal patients with the violin


Bridgton, ME (WBTW/CNN Newsource) – If you ever find yourself in Bridgton Hospital, you may hear echoes of classical music meandering through the hallways.

That’s because one of the hospital’s nurses, Sara Kapinos, happens to be a professionally trained violinist.

And since the beginning of this year, she’s been performing for her patients.

“What could be better than being able to do two things that you love in one day,” Kapinos said. “It’s just tremendous.”

Kapinos has been playing the violin since she was just four years old. Since, she’s performed in concert halls across the world. She’s been working at Bridgeton Hospital as a nurse since 2011.

“I love taking care of patients,” Kapinos said. “I am all about the patient experience and it stems back to my first career which was a violin performer. I like making people feel good.”

It was the hospital’s nursing director, Jill Rollins, who finally convinced Sara to combine her passions and perform for the patients- providing them with the therapeutic sounds of her violin.

“For so long many of the staff here didn’t know that Sara had this talent, that she went to the Julliard school of music,” Rollins said. “Nobody knew so, it’s just been an awakening for the staff and our patients, all just get to enjoy it.”

Kapinos says she never imagined that performing and healing might work so well together.

“Just to see some of the patients’ faces, in tears, they’re so moved by it… And I would have never thought of combining the two.”

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