MARION, S.C. (WBTW) – Going back to school during a pandemic can make younger students feel a bit uneasy so help so to help with that Eric Favor came up with a solution. Favor is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Johnakin Middle School in Marion. He took the beat from the popular song “Mask Off” by the rapper, Future. He says he thought of making the song while in a meeting where staff discussed back to school procedures.

“The original song by Future, the rapper,  popped up in my head and his song is called Mask Off so I thought okay this would be fun to kind of reverse that,” Favor says.

And so he did just that. The song lyrics include:

“Wash your hands, gotta wash your hands. Wash your hands but please don’t forget Mask On. Put your mask on.”

Favor go teachers and the Principal, Mark C. Fraiser, to come together in a creative way to let the middle schoolers know the importance of putting your mask on.

“Joyful that I have a young teacher here that can relate to our scholars here and that’s what it’s about,” Fraiser says. “To be able to reach out to our scholars and be able to get on their level and take a song a make that song popular about wearing a mask,” Fraiser continues.

Favor says this song was a way to show his students that the teachers at Johnakin Middle School have fun too, but putting on your masks can make a difference.

“Everyone in the world is being affected by this on a daily and if you can do your part to stop the spread that’s what’s most important,” Favor says.

When Eric Favor isn’t teaching his 6th graders, or making rap songs, he’s working towards getting his Master’s Degree.