Mayor-elect focused on moving Florence forward


FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Mayor-elect Teresa Myers-Ervin makes history being he first women and first African-American to be elected for a mayoral position in Florence. She tells News13 that’s she working on 3 important topics: the pandemic, economic and community development.

“We the citizens work together to do what’s best for our city as a whole. That means we put anything aside that has separated us and prevented us from moving forward. We must now look at what’s the greatest good,” Ervin says.

Ervin spoke heavily about her roots in Florence as that being the key element that will keep her thriving in the mayor position.

“My mother is originally from Pamplico South Carolina. So when she went into labor the family friend who was the midwife came here to Florence and delivered me. I was actually delivered at home. I was actually born on Sumter Street,” Ervin says.

Ervin continued with saying that if it wasn’t for the people in the community she wouldn’t be where she is today.

“The seniors in my community I was the youngest one in our community association. I served as the secretary and Mrs. Harriett Smith, she has since passed now but Mrs. Harriett Smith was the one who encouraged me to run for city council.” Ervin says. “It was not something I consciously thought about but others encouraged me. Just like my city council career someone else saw something in me and they encouraged me to step forward,” Ervin continues.

During the interview, Ervin says she also has plans for Downtown Florence as she is aware that businesses are still affected by the pandemic.

“I will be making sure that I have that relationship with our chamber so I can communicate with all of our businesses so I can see where their needs are first of all so first I must identify from the businesses what are your needs.”

Ervin stated that in the modern climate of police she believes that the Florence Police Department is moving in the right direction with bridging that gap with the community and that this is something she will continue to push forward.

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