Mayor of Darlington proposes placing ads on vehicles


DARLINGTON, S.C. (WBTW) – Darlington Mayor Curtis Boyd says after a trip to Columbia he came up with the idea to bring the proposal to place ads on city vehicles. Boyd proposed on Tuesday that the city staff develop an ordinance containing guidelines, rules and pricing for advertising on both sides of five of the city’s vehicles which includes picker trucks, trash trucks and street sweepers.

“I have access to be able to do the printing at no additional charge to me and the cost of materials so I said I would donate that to the city,” says Boyd.

Boyd is offering his services to have ads placed on trucks free of charge. It’s an idea he believes will help bring revenue to local businesses.

“A resident is a customer of the city so we are here as the mayor and the council to work for our citizens and businesses to provide for them because they’re in turn providing for us. They are giving us part of their money and we are responsible for that to make,” Boyd says.

Darlington city council member Howard Nettles says something like this would help the city economically, but ultimately it has to be voted on first.

“I think this would give more ability to have those names of those restaurants and other businesses in the forefront for people to see them multiple times in the day and remind people to shop locally,” Nettles says.

The proposal has not been voted on yet but if it is approved, local businesses could get in touch with the city manager to get their ad on a city vehicle.

The city is currently working on the guidelines and rules to make this possible and they hope to meet to discuss this sometime in August.

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