Myrtle Beach Veterans Day ceremony honors those who sacrificed so much


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Military Appreciation Committee presented a Veterans Day ceremony at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center Monday, where four new military service members took their oath of enlistment.

Guest speaker Captain Ronald Abrams says Veterans Day is personal to him. He reminded audience members how important it is for young people to join the military.

This Veterans Day, U.S. Army Captain Ronald Abrams spoke on the importance that young people join the military with the same tenacity as those before them.

“It’s not just simply about putting them in boots. It’s about giving them the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Capt. Abrams.

The South Carolina State Guard begins their 21-gun salute at the Myrtle Beach Veterans Day Ceremony.

Four young men and women took the oath of enlistment at the ceremony.

“One of the main reasons I brought them up here is I wanted them to, I wanted to show them that we’re all apart of the same team and we’re all one family,” said Capt. Abrams.

Sounds of each branch’s service song rang out from the festive brass orchestra’s instruments, and each service member stood to be honored.

The Festive Brass orchestra played service songs representing each military branch.

For Commanding Officer Steve Revis, who helped lead the South Carolina State Guard’s 21-gun salute, ceremonies like this are important each and every year.

“It’s nice to know that the people of South Carolina and the people of Myrtle Beach, and by the way, this is a great day for Myrtle Beach, when they can come out and honor these people because great sacrifices are made by the veterans who go out and leave their homes to defend this country,” said Officer Revis.

79% of Americans can tell you they have a military service member in their family.

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