New program to make vehicle registration renewal easier won’t cost taxpayers a dime


Horry County officials have come up with a way to make getting your vehicle registration renewed every year, easier.

Horry County Treasurer Angie Jones has been working for two years to fix the vehicle decal problem.

“If you’re going out of town, most people don’t want to ride around for two weeks with a dead sticker,” she said.

For years, drivers have waited for their decal sticker in the mail, but now, you can get it in the office as soon as you pay your taxes.

“It’s convenience. I mean, you know, you wait on the mail, you have to ride around with your paid tax receipt, and just so you know, most officers will give you 30 days to get your sticker on your license plate, but that’s still their discretion,” said Jones. “So, if you come inside, we can hand it to you, you can walk to the parking lot, and stick it on the back of your tag and put your registration in the glove box.”

Horry County will be the only county in South Carolina that won’t charge a fee for it.

Jones says this should eliminate some of the public’s frustrations.

“We get phone calls all the time when people come in and pay and they didn’t get it in the mail,” she said. “Well, they’ll call the DMV, the DMV will say it’s the treasurer, well no, it’s the DMV.”

Horry County council approved $35,000 for the new program in the budget last week.

But, there’s one issue.

“The problem here in Horry County is, I’ve got four locations,” said Jones. “So, all four of those locations have to test 3 days error-free with the transmissions from us to the DMV.”

If all four locations test 3 days error-free, the program will be put in place.

Jones says the 25% of people who mail their tax payments in will still receive their decal in the mail.

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