Pee Dee man loses five family members to Covid-19


FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Reverend Calvin Daniels says his families faith has been tested beyond the limit of what the average person would consider faith testing. He says his family attended a funeral and a family breakfast in early March and he thinks that’s where the virus was spread.

Daniels first sibling checked into the hospital March 21st then another one four days later. He says within a two weeks span, four family members tested positive for Covid-19.

“With 6 family members, 4 siblings in that condition in that hospital with the virus and we were not able to speak with them…we were not able to see them…we were not able to visit them,” Daniels says.”That has been part of the weight of this whole experience,” Daniels continued.

Daniels says his sister Elnora Timmons, passed within hours of another relative on the same day. A few days later his older brother, Roy Daniels Jr., passed and a few days after that two more of his family members died from the coronavirus.

“The call comes that this is it…and we got that call out of the six that were hospitalized…we got that call four times,” Daniels says. “Today I sit here with 5 no longer with us but the faith is still strong,” Daniels continued.

Two of Daniels sisters, Evelyn and Maxine, survived the virus after spending 50 plus days in the hospital. They were discharged from rehab Friday.

“Family being there for family. There is nothing that I can say hear today to whoever is listening how important family is. When devastation is the order of the day and you have a family member or a friend that you can call on, there is nothing more therapeutic than that relationship,” Daniels says.

Reverend Daniels says his families faith is stronger than ever but doesn’t want people to think this can’t happen to them.

“The lesson that needs to be learned is that you have to take care of yourself first and then take care of everyone else around you. If you love anyone including yourself then protect yourself that’s the message.”

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