Petition to shut down haunted house that requires 40-page waiver claims it’s a ‘torture chamber in disguise’


SUMMERTOWN, Tenn. (WFLA)  – A petition that calls on officials to shut down the “scariest haunted house in America,” has more than 30,000 signatures.

McKamey Manor, which was recently featured on Netflix’s “Haunters: Art of the Scare”, touts itself as the most terrifying haunted house experience in America. To enter, visitors must watch a two-hour video, pass a physical, create a safe word and sign a 40-page waiver.

The owner, Russ McKamey told News Channel 8 that no one has ever completed the full tour, and his new haunted show is the most extreme yet.

“Nobody’s even made it to the starting clock with this new show,” McKamey said. “With the new mental game, it’s much more difficult. And because of that, no one’s even started the clock.”

Guests who sign the waiver agree to be shocked, submerged in water, slapped, tied up, shaved or even unwanted dental work. The website warns them of how hardcore things can get, and tells them they can quit anytime using a safeword.

But according to the petition, that is not the case.

“Previously no safe word was allowed. He [McKamey] changed that but there’s been reports that the torture continues even when people repeat their safeword for several minutes,” the petition reads. “One man was tortured so badly he passed out multiple times, workers only stopped because they thought they had killed him.”

The petition also claims there were reports of sexual assault at the manor and that they hire sex offenders and other workers with violent histories.

“It’s literally just a kidnapping & torture house,” the petition says. “Some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for extensive injuries.”

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