Robeson County community members march for justice for the murdered and the missing


LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) – Shatter The Silence is a group of people from Robeson County who have lost family members to murder and those who have family members who are missing. They marched in Lumberton Saturday while being escorted by Lumberton Police. Before the march, News13 Lacey Lee sat down with Sheila Price, the mother of Rhonda Jones. Jones was one of the women that was found dead in Lumberton in 2017.

“Our victims can’t talk, they gone and they ain’t coming back. We’ve got to stand up and be there voice,” Price says.

On April 18, 2017, Christina Bennet was found dead inside a house on Peachtree Street. Rhonda Jones was found near the house the same day. Two months later, Megan Oxendine was found dead outside a house on East 8th Street on June 3rd. Three years later the families still have no answers.

“If people knew how bad this has effected my life. I don’t have a life no more . When they took my youngin, they took me with her,” Price says.

Price says her daughter Rhonda leaves behind 5 kids and 2 grandchildren and life just hasn’t been the same.

“I haven’t…Shatter the silence is my life now because all I can do is try to help another mother like me,” Price says.

The FBI and Lumberton Police are investigating. They are asking if you have any information on the deaths of Christina Bennet, Rhonda Jones and Megan Oxendine that you give them a call. There is a $30,000 reward for information that helps them create a timeline of when and where the women were last seen.

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