Skaters ride for the Fourth of July in Florence


FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW)– For many, the Fourth of July is a time to cook out and enjoy fireworks, but some people in Florence used the holiday to pull off some tricks on their skateboards.

“Hanging out for the Fourth, seeing some old friends, skating the skate park,” skater Gage Bushovisky said. “Kinda just all getting together before we have our family festivities.” Skaters spent the day at McLeod Park in Florence. They said there is no better way to spend the holiday than on their boards.

“Unlike anything else, couldn’t replace it for the world,” Bushovisky said. “I mean you’re flying, wind’s flying past you, concrete’s moving fast.” One family came all the way from Charleston to skate there.

“Just under two hours, like an hour and 50 minutes,” John Rogers said. “Thought it’d be cool to come check out a new place and I’m glad we did because this is a fun park and I wish it was closer to us.” Rogers said he and his sons enjoy skating. He was glad to spend Independence Day having fun with them.

“They’re going to go off to college next year and it’s the last year I’ve got them at home,” Rogers said. “It’s something we like to do.” His sons said they were happy to get out and enjoy themselves for the holiday.

“We were thinking of going somewhere for the Fourth because my dad’s off and they all skate,” Christian Rogers said. They said they have traveled all over the Southeast to try out different skate parks.

“I like to do stuff with my dad and skateboarding is one of the things we can relate on,” Christian Rogers said. “It’s nice.” Construction for the skate park at McLeod Park was completed in March 2021.

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