State’s census response lags, local leaders say census numbers impact job market


GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — State and county leaders urge people to fill out their census forms as South Carolina response is 7% lower than 2010.

Brian Tucker is the director of economic development in Georgetown County, he says census numbers impacts “everything” like school programs, state representation and disaster preparedness funding.

Tucker also says, census data impacts the local job market.

“Just today I responded to a request from a potential developer and they want to know population numbers, they want to know population growth, they want to know demographics, they want to know all of our metrics that all trace back to the census,” he explained. “Census statistics are used in that calculation which if we’re able to apply for a grant and develop a new street, that leads to a new industrial park, that will hold a new company; every single piece of that equation has a census component in it.”

Tucker says he believes the area has grown since the last census in 2010, but they need the census data to back it up.

“We’re now ten years old so we’re having to project and estimate what the actual numbers are.”

Below are census response rates as of 8/13/20 in our area:

  • Horry: 46.2%
  • Georgetown: 45.8%
  • Florence: 57.6%
  • Marion: 52%
  • Dillon: 43.2%
  • Darlington: 50.6%
  • Marlboro: 51.5%

The deadline to fill out your census is September 30th, you can follow this link to fill yours out.

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