Teen says moment in viral protest video opened his eyes


CHARLOTTE, NC (CNN/WSOC) – 16-year-old Raymon Curry’s mother understandably didn’t want him to attend a protest in North Carolina.

Curry knew his mother didn’t want him to go to the protests because some of them had become dangerous. But Saturday, he snuck out of the house with a friend anyway. “I feel like my voice still had to be heard,” said Curry.

The 6’3” teen, looking forward to college, worried that he could someday be Floyd, he said. “It’s crazy that I had to worry at 16 if I’m going to make it or not,” said Curry.

He redirected the fear and rage he felt with the help of an older stranger standing nearby, Curtis Hayes Jr.

Hayes told the teen adults didn’t have the answers. Hayes can be heard saying in the video, “So what I need y’all to do right now at 16 is come up with a better way. Cause how we have been doing it, it ain’t working.”

“It opened my eyes to so much,” said Curry.

The video has been viewed almost 80 thousand times.

“I’m at home every day, seeing this video go viral, and just keep repeating in my head, how can I find a better way. How can I, at 16, so young, change the world perspective on my skin tone.”

He hasn’t found that answer yet, but he is now working with Curtis Hayes Jr. to do something more.

Before the protest, Curry wanted to be a police officer. He still does, and now thinks that might be the place where he’s able to make the biggest change.

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