‘These statements were about solutions’: HCS virtual parents push for action


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – During public comment in Monday night’s Horry County Schools board meeting virtual parents explained detailed issues they are facing.

It’s the third week of school and parents say some instructors are barely helping.

“You have some teachers telling parents I’m just a facilitator and not even being a teacher,” said Pamela Jakubowski.

Jakubowski was one of several virtual parents to speak during public comment.

She explained to the board the lack of structure both teachers and students are working with.

After leaving her statement with HCS Chairman Ken Richardson she’s waiting for action.

“Well now see that’s where it would fall, the board really wouldn’t be doing anything about it because that falls under the administrative side. The decision the board had to make was how we were going back to school,” said Richardson.

Jakubowski says if this is the case, the board needs to take charge.

“If the administration is not administering the program correctly then the school board needs to step in and say no you’re failing our children and we need you to do better,” said Jakubowski.

She says teachers and students are still trying to figure out virtual programs and many aren’t succeeding.

Richardson is asking virtual families to give it time.

“Two weeks from now virtual school is going to look totally different than it looks today, because the more we use it and  the more we get adapted and acclimated to it its going to become easier and easier,” said Richardson.

Jakubowski says it will only get easier if administrators take action.

“These statements were about solutions. They were about identifying the problem and offering any suggestions to a resolution. That’s what I hope everybody will see,” said Jakubowski.

Richardson says the board hears the concerns of virtual families and they are not an afterthought.

“We are not putting virtual on the back burner. Virtual is just as important to Brick and Mortar, if not some cases it’s even more important. We are not trying to treat our virtual students differently and we’re not trying to treat virtual school differently. If anything it would be the opposite,” said Richardson.

News13 has reached out to the district superintendent for response on if any concerns of virtual families will be considered and have not heard back yet.

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