This Horry Co. neighborhood is asking for help following ‘mind-blowing’ rainwater flooding


CONWAY AREA, SC (WBTW) – Residents in the Grier Crossing neighborhood are speaking out after rainstorms have brought considerable flooding into the area.

Haley Green, a senior at Coastal Carolina, lives in the neighborhood with her parents and was alarmed to find two feet of water covering her lawn and street upon returning home from work Saturday.

“I was at work for maybe a couple of hours and my mom calls me panicking- ‘you’re not going to be able to make it through the water,'” Green rememberd. “There was nothing we could do except watch the water rise.”

Green says just under an inch of rain managed to cause two feet of floodwaters to overtake the roads.

“That was mindblowing because we had a hurricane and we had many many inches of water and we were able to handle that,” she said.

Her father is a retired deputy who served at the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office.

“I worry more about flooding than being shot or killed on the job back then,” Deputy John Hamilton said.

A similar situation happened in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago after a rainstorm.”

“It’s just scary all around,” Green said. “My parents are already going through so much. The last thing we need to worry about is our home getting destroyed because of a little bit of rainwater.”

The family is wondering why all of a sudden seemingly insignificant rainstorms are bringing impressive floodwaters.

Crews were out Tuesday morning, trying to figure an answer to that question.

“It’s a top priority for us to get that fixed for them,” Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore said.

She says engineers are working with homeowners to secure easements so they can assess properly.

“They’re going to figure out what’s best not only for that neighborhood but for other areas,” Moore said. “We’ll be diverting the water so it’s not all flowing into that one area.”

How that water will be diverted is still up in the air, but Moore says a solution will become clearer once the assessment is complete.

The homeowners also expressed concern about a new development being proposed just a few miles away from Grier Crossing.

A developer is looking to build up to 2,000 new homes off Collins Jollie Road over a 20 year period. That has some wondering if the existing infrastructure will be able to handle additional homes.

“We don’t have that many houses in this development,” Green said. “But imagine if we had 500 more. How flooded would we be then? I want to know like are they planning to deal with the water from these developments if it were to rain”

Conway officials tell News13 that project is a long way off.

But hurricane season is right around the corner.

“That’s what’s coming up now,” Green said. “It’s almost the beginning of September and now we have to worry about when these really big storms are coming in. And I don’t even want to think about it because it’s so scary.”

A public meeting will be held on September 9 in Conway to discuss the Collins Jollie Road development.

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