Tracking the Tropics: T.S. Peter & Rose form in the Atlantic, watching for more development


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The tropics are heating up as we now have our 16th and 17th named storms of the 2021 hurricane season and another system may develop near Africa.

Tropical storm Peter formed early Sunday morning after organizing from a tropical depression. Peter had sustained wind of 50 mph and wind gusts as high as 65 mph. Over the next couple of days, this storm will be in an environment that will support some slow strengthening.

By midweek, some dry air ahead of the storm will inhibit it from strengthening more than a minimal tropical storm.

The five-day forecast indicates that this will turn to the north before getting close to the U.S., though this means it may become a concern for Bermuda late next week.

Located near the Cabo Verde Islands is our next tropical storm. This system became a tropical depression early Sunday and has become more organized and a little stronger throughout the day.

As of 5 pm Sunday, Rose has 40 mph sustained wind with 50 mph wind gusts.

The environmental conditions that this storm will be in will gradually become more conducive to support further development.

Tropical storm Rose is expected to track to the north-northwest and gradually weaken due to dry air. As of now, this system poses no threat to land.

A tropical wave that is about to move off of the west coast of Africa has a 50% (medium) chance of developing into the season’s next tropical depression or Tropical Storm.

The environment that it will be in will support some slow organization and strengthening over the next several days. Interaction with T.S. Rose may limit in the sort-term how strong it could become.

There have now been seventeen named storms in the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. If the tropical wave that is about to move off of the coast of Africa develops further, it would be given the name Sam.

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