White supremacist group sends recruitment letter in Little River


LITTLE RIVER, SC (WBTW) – A woman in Little River says she is disgusted after receiving a white supremacist recruitment letter in the mail.

The letter asks all adult white men and women to join the “fastest growing national socialist party. The flyer is littered with spelling errors and leaves behind contact information.

Inside the envelope was a donation slip.

“Difference of opinion is one thing, but white supremacy is recognized as domestic terrorists,” said Sharon.

What concerned Sharon the most was the local P.O. box listed as the return address.

Sharon reported the letter to Horry County police, but was referred to the post office.

News 13 brought the letter to the Little River post office. Information on who the P.O. box belongs to was not immediately available.

The post office made a copy of the letter that will be submitted to the USPS investigative unit.

News 13 called the number on the flyer for answers.

A voicemail system immediately picked up and said in part:

“The legislation you see before you today are pure smoke and mirrors. Democrats and Republicans are too weak to handle the current issues in the U.S. and our track record proves it. Donald Trump and his excuses as to why the border wall has not been built and why the federal government will not use the military to secure our borders.”

In a statement to News 13, the Myrtle Beach NAACP said in part:

“There is no such organization for white civil rights. This is a bogus scheme to recruit white racists. Civil Rights are inherent for all people regardless of race, creed, or color. The NAACP is not a black civil rights organization, it is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people, meaning all people.”

— Rev. Mickey James, NAACP Myrtle Beach Branch

“It’s okay to have a difference of opinion, but I mean you see a swastika. I see a swastika and that’s never right. That’s 100% wrong under all circumstances. Every time, every day, everywhere. We don’t do swastikas in this country,” said Sharon.

Sharon also reported the letter to an FBI tip line. She encourages others to do the same if they receive the recruitment letter.


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