City holds graduation parade and food giveaway

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MARION, S.C. (WBTW) – The president of Marion County NAACP Reverend Marvin Hemingway organized a graduation parade drive thru for the graduating class of Marion and Mullins Highschool.

“Because of Covid-19 the children felt kind of left out, down and trotted, so we decided that we wanted to brighten and put a smile on their face after graduating and give them an incentive that we care about them,” Hemingway says.

After the graduation parade was over, Rev. Hemingway along with some volunteers gave out free fruit and vegetable boxes to any graduate and citizen that drove through downtown Marion.

“So we are just continuing now with the NAACP and helping the Marion County court and council to continue the food drive in the Covid-19 pandemic,” Hemingway says.

Hemingway says the organization will continue to do free food giveaways until supplies last.

Here’s a flyer of the different locations for the free fruit and vegetable giveaway:

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