CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Conway Medical Center said blood donations slow down in the summer months and area doctors are calling for donations over the Fourth of July weekend.

Donations tend to decrease especially during holiday weekends at the same time the need for blood usually increases, according to Conway Medical Center.

The Blood Connection warns supply could be as low as just two or three days worth.

Joshua Beverly, a lab scientist at Conway Medical Center, said the need for blood goes beyond trauma patients.

“When people think about needing blood products, they automatically think about car wrecks and gunshot wounds, but they don’t think about people having to live with blood conditions like cancer patients who need blood and platelets,” Beverly said. “There’s multiple other kinds of disease states that require blood products not just the big trauma cases that we get.”

Beverly said the average donation can help about three people.

The Blood Connection estimates about 3% of Americans donate blood, while one in seven people in hospitals need blood transfusions.

Conway Medical Center will be hosting a blood drive July 26 on its Conway campus. People can also find information on how to donate through The Blood Connection.