MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — What’s the best advice you ever got from your dad?

Here’s a sampling of answers from the more than 400 News13 staff members and social media users who responded to our recent Facebook post.

  • “You gotta work to eat…” and he taught me the importance of praying and keeping God first in your life.” — News13 anchor Annette Peagler
  • “Don’t be idle; find something to do and do it well. If it’s a service to others, give it all your heart, I miss my Daddy so much. The last words he spoke to me was “Be strong” – so, his last words were advice, too. I’ve had to be strong so many times since that day.” — Angie
  • “God, Family, Country…make those three your priorities and you will live a happy life.” — Patricia
  • “Stand up for what you believe is right. Be humble, kind, and a rock for your loved ones to lean on…” — Joseph
  • “Get an education and never have to depend on anyone.” — Catherine
  • “Hard work always pays off.” — News13 anchor Meghan Miller
  • “When you have money, everyone loves you. When it’s gone, you will see who really does.” Couldn’t be more correct dad.” — Cassidy
  • “My Dad taught me when you give someone your word, always do what you told them. One day that may be all you have to rely on.” — Margie
  • “My Dad taught by example. he worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs at a time so he could provide for his family (6 kids). He made sure we went to the shore each year. He paid for this by repairing or varnishing whatever the cottage needed. He always helped his friends by volunteering his time and energy. He NEVER complained about how hard his life was. I will always miss him. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Dad.” — Angie
  • “If everyone jumped off the bridge would you follow? Of course I would not. So he taught me to be independent and think for myself. And To give people a second chance as everyone isn’t perfect and we all make mistakes.” — Debbie
  • “Always remember someone is watching. Smile it’s easy.” — TJ
  • “Think Son, just think!” — James
  • “Don’t be soft. Be honest. Trust in God.” — Scott
  • “Will it matter in ten years? Will it matter in five? If not, let it go. Move on.” — Bridgette
  • “People that don’t have time for you now will want your time when you are busy with your life and don’t have time for them.” It’s been the truest advice ever!” — Jenn