MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Forecasters are tracking two more areas of interest in the Atlantic, including one that has been given a 70% chance of becoming a tropical depression during the next week. However, it will pose no threat to the U.S.

Disturbance #1

It is in the eastern Atlantic and has a high, 70% chance, of development into a tropical depression in the next five days. The 1 a.m. EST run of the GFS model has this area becoming Tropical Storm Julia in three days’ time; that has been taken out in the 7 a.m. EST run. The European model corroborated the formation of Julia within the next 72 hours, and currently, we are waiting on the next model run.

Regardless, this disturbance is a “fish storm,” meaning it is heading out to sea and is not a threat to the US.

Disturbance #2

It is in the western Atlantic, east of the Windward Islands, and has a low, 30% chance, of development into a tropical depression in the next five days. It was given a medium chance Monday morning. During this time period, the area of interest will be heading into the southern Caribbean Sea. Typically, named storms are more likely to form in this location during October.

2 p.m. NHC Tropical Outlook

The GFS and European model do not have strong signals for this system, meaning they are not showing it developing into anything within the next five days. This trend is interesting, considering the water is still warm and wind shear is very low. Development should happen based on these conditions, yet models do not agree.

This area will need to be monitored closely because it would not be surprising if future model runs begin to pick up on this area. In the meantime, there’s nothing to worry about for this week.