Horry County Flood subcommittee discusses buyout program

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — With the increase in flooding across our area, Horry County formed a flood subcommittee last year and now a year later, they’re pursing different solutions for residents affected.

The Horry County subcommittee said one solution is a buyout program for those who qualify in high impact areas.

The county is in the process of asking the state for a HUD grant of 17.4 million dollars to cover 75 properties.

Image from Horry County Flooding Subcommittee meeting

During Friday’s meeting, they discussed the buyout pritoritization criteria.

  • Properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area or floodway (FIRM), or pre-FIRM, or in a Disaster Risk Reduction Area (not yet defined).
  • Properties that have experienced repetitive loss.
  • Areas that have neighborhood support and contiguous owner’s interest.
  • Areas that can be converted to land uses that support neighborhood mitigation efforts.
  • Properties that already connect to public land, wetland, or park space.

“We’re looking at areas that have experienced repetitive loss. We’re looking at areas where the neighborhood is interested in participating in a program,” said Courtney Frappaolo, Horry County Director of Community Development said.

County says those in areas of the Waccamaw River, Socastee, and Rosewood neighborhoods have expressed interest in a buyout.

“For the most part, they’re really frustrated. We have experienced so many flood events at this point so the frequency and the intensity of the events that we’re experiencing, people are really frustrated,” April O’Leary, founder of Horry County rising and member of the flood subcommittee said.

Some along the Waccamaw River say they’d take the buyout and some say they love the area and don’t want to leave.

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