MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — As temperatures drop this weekend, that means more work for heaters.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Myrtle Beach switched schedules around this holiday weekend to make sure there’s enough staff to cover the already increasing number of calls.

Their main tip is to lower the dial so HVAC machines aren’t straining to do extra work, which leads to better overall performance as run-time increases.

Experts also recommend lowering the temperatures slowly. Big jumps can lead a machine to struggle to keep up.

“Adjustments should be made at one to two degree increments anyway all of the time, but during extreme temperatures, it’s a lot easier to maintain one temperature than it is to try and gain temperature,” said Todd Jones, an installation manager.

Jones said a lot of calls this week have been from people proactively getting their systems checked out before the brutal cold kicks in.