Mask ordinance goes into effect in North Myrtle Beach

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North Myrtle Beach, SC (WBTW) – A facial covering ordinance went into place today at noon in North Myrtle Beach.

You can find a list of FAQs about the ordinance here.

Two visitors News13 spoke with say, they are glad the mask mandate went into place, however, they came prepared anyway.

“I’m not walking into a restaurant,” Brian Bradley from West Virginia said. “We’re either doing take out or we’re cooking at the house. But, we have to go to Walmart and we’re busy avoiding people who don’t wear a mask.”

Bradley is visiting with his brother-in-law, Brian Dagel from Chicago, they both say the ordinance makes them feel safer.

“To be honest, we’re pretty glad they did it because it just helps, it makes you feel safer.”

Although the ordinance went into place at noon, it was business as usual for one North Myrtle Beach hair salon.

“We’ve elected to do this since day one, since we were able to come back to work,” owner of Papillon Salon, Amy Howie said. “Nothing that we have done has been mandatory up until now, I just think it gives our clientele a little bit more security.”

Howie’s clients have their temperatures checked, wear masks, social distance and use hand sanitizer.

She believes though wearing a mask is a personal choice, she does believe it’s good for the community.

“Since we have tourists here coming from the whole nation, I think it does help with our community,” she said.

It was also business as usual for two popular restaurants in Barefoot Landing today.

“Since outdoor dining was allowed to resume on May 4th, we have required all our employees to wear masks,” marketing director for Homegrown Hospitality, Liza Millsaps said. “That has become part of our new uniform.”

While many say they believe a mask ordinance is necessary, it is a divisive issue.

Several businesses News13 reached out to said they didn’t want to speak on camera because masks have become such a hot-button topic. 

Something that isn’t lost on City officials.

“All of america has turned into a society where we bark at each other and then we head for the hills and say we’ve won, but no one has learned anything and that’s what we’re trying to get at is, you know just sit down, set all your ideologies aside, put on a mask for thirty days; hopefully no longer and lets see if we can’t tamp this down,” spokesman for North Myrtle Beach, Patrick Dowling said.

Dowling says the mandate is for safety, not to make money.

The fine for not following the ordinance is $25 for customers and $100 for businesses. Right now, Dowling says the City is working to distribute informational posters to all businesses.

He continued to explain if someone says they can’t wear a mask due to religious, age or health concerns, there will be no other questioning.

Although the City experienced several cancellations for the 4th of July holiday weekend, Dowling says the City is mainly focusing on observing and educating on the mandate this weekend.
Many businesses he says are already following mask guidelines. 

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