Myrtle Beach veteran-owned company hosts Murph Challenge on Memorial Day

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A Myrtle Beach veteran-owned company held a local ‘Murph Challenge’ to honor veterans this Memorial Day.

The “Murph Challenge” is a nationwide challenge that consists of a one mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and then another one mile run. Some do the challenge while wearing a 20 pound vest or body armor.

The “Murph Challenge” was created as a fundraiser for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. LT. Murphy was a Navy SEAL who was killed in action in 2005.

“I just think for me and my family, we just know what that’s like. We’ve lost friends and people who were very close to us during our deployment time so for us it’s important for us to go out there and remember how we started as adults at a very young age, coming up in military service and never forget the people who gave everything,” said Gloria Rendon, a United States Army Veteran and founder of ‘A Palm State Of Mind’.

Rendon and owners of ‘Quality Fitness Equipment Sales and Service’, hosted the “Murph Challenge” held in Carolina Forest today.

“It represents so much more to veterans so we were happy to be apart of it,” said Melissa Galvao, Co-owner of Quality Fitness Equipment Sales and Service.

“It’s difficult but I just always remember no matter the sweat I have to have today, no matter how sore I am tomorrow, it will never compare to the ways brave men and women gave their life for their people to their left and their right so even if it’s just one hour of total torture, it’s worth it,” Rendon said.

Rendon has a passion for helping others and she saw a need in the community so she created, ‘A Palm State of Mind‘, a planned outpatient treatment center for substance use and mental health disorders.

“Using those army values and having integrity and a duty to respond to the need in the community, we just wanted to really lean on that and draw from the experience and hopefully bring something amazing to this area,” Rendon said.

Army recruiters, veterans, public safety personnel and community members came out to participate in the “Murph Challenge”.

“We talk a lot about veterans, how much we support them, how important Memorial Day is to us, the intersectionality between military service and mental health and how important it is to provide those services to veterans and their family members, supporters but it’s a whole other thing to do it,” Rendon said.

Rendon hopes to open ‘A Palm State Of Mind’ this year. She said she’s looking for an investor or partner or donors to open her business.

In the meantime, she said clients can make an appointment before the outpatient center is open or talk with Rendon who said she can offer clinical supervision, consultation, education and development.

You can find Gloria Rendon’s contact on her website at

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