MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — ‘Tis the season for holiday movies, traditions and gift giving.

We asked News13 anchors and reporters to share their favorite holiday movies, holiday traditions and favorite gifts. Here’s how they answered:

Meghan Miller

Favorite holiday movie: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Love Actually

Favorite holiday tradition: Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments from places my husband and I have traveled to — along with ornaments that are tied to special memories with our loved ones. I love pulling them out each year and remembering the wonderful memories (and often laughs!) tied to each one.

Favorite gift: My first DSLR camera. It has captured so many incredible moments over the past few years — from family vacations in Captiva to presidential visits — and of course, lots of pictures of Piper and local wildlife. It brings me absolute joy.

Patsy Kelly

Favorite holiday movie: White Christmas

Favorite holiday tradition: We always opened our presents on Christmas Eve, ordered in pizza, and read The Night Before Christmas and the Christmas Story from the book of Luke.

Favorite gift: Diamond earrings.

Annette Peagler

Favorite holiday movie: Home Alone

Favorite holiday tradition: My family and I also celebrated Kwanza when I was younger, so I enjoyed that tradition.

Favorite gift: A Movado watch.

Julie Calhoun

Favorite holiday movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Favorite holiday tradition: Christmas Eve dinner with my family eating one of my favorite meals, my mother’s shrimp and crab au gratin.

Favorite gift: An American Girl doll from my grandparents when I was a kid. My parents still have it at their house.

Taylor Hernandez

Favorite holiday movie: Christmas with the Kranks or the original Santa Clause

Favorite holiday tradition: I usually work on Christmas, but growing up my favorite tradition was going out to dinner with my family on Christmas Eve. We would come home and exchange gifts and then the next morning we would open presents from Santa.

Favorite gift: The best gift I ever got for Christmas is my family’s dog Gracie. She’s 16 years old now and still puts my two German Shepherds in their place.

Ashley Hendricks

Favorite holiday movie: Home Alone

Favorite holiday tradition: Christmas breakfast with all of my extended family, which unfortunately will be limited this year due to COVID-19.

Favorite gift: The Barbie Pool House and a blue VideoNow.

Frank Johnson

Favorite holiday movie: Elf

Favorite holiday tradition: When I was a kid, Santa would come back to my hometown in a horse-drawn carriage Christmas morning. It was fun to walk downtown and see what all my friends got for Christmas, and to have a chance to thank Santa. Plus, he brought more treats.

Favorite gift: When I was about 10, I received the book “Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather.”

Tony Chiavaroli

Favorite holiday movie: The Grinch with Jim Carrey

Favorite holiday tradition: My favorite family tradition was the Chiavaroli Ravioli Dinner. Every year the day after Christmas we would have family and friends over to our house and have a big ravioli dinner with homemade hand-rolled meatballs. A lot of good times!

Favorite gift: A PlayStation 2 with several games. A little dated now, but I loved that system a lot.

Maria DeBone

Favorite holiday movie: Elf

Favorite holiday tradition: My family does the feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve.

Favorite gift: A plane ticket this Christmas so I could be home with my family this year.

Melissa Meyers

Favorite holiday movie: Elf

Favorite holiday tradition: Cutting down and decorating our family Christmas tree.

Favorite gift: Having an early holiday with my family this year.

Manny Martinez

Favorite holiday movie: Muppet Christmas Carol

Favorite holiday tradition: Celebrating Christmas Eve with extended family and opening presents at midnight.

Favorite gift: A drawstring bag. I hated it when I got it but by far the gift I’ve used the most. So practical.

Maya Lockett

Favorite holiday movie: Christmas Do-Over/This Christmas

Favorite holiday tradition: My family and I dress up in matching pajamas every year and my entire family always has a huge Christmas dinner.

Favorite gift: Too hard to choose, my parents go all-out for us every year. I love you mommy and dad!

Jennifer Blake

Favorite holiday movie: The Santa Claus series with Tim Allen

Favorite holiday tradition: Celebrating with my dad’s side of the family Christmas Eve.

Favorite gift: A trampoline.