Hurricane Isaias impacts North Myrtle Beach

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — As tropical storm Isaias turned into a Hurricane Monday night, it brought heavy wind and waves to North Myrtle Beach causing extensive damage.

The storm surge was so strong that it was able to erode the dunes, so much so that the top of them is now several feet from the ground.

“I haven’t seen the dunes washed away this far,” said residents of North Myrtle Beach, Jackie Stone, and Kevin Cardwell.

A group of kids visiting the beach said “We’ve never seen the waves get up to the dunes before so that was really wild.”

Fences were destroyed, items thrown, and part of the Sea Cabin Pier is gone.

Sea Cabin Pier

“The waves were coming up over the pier, and it was ripping some of the boards up and we didn’t think it was gonna be that bad and then we came out here this morning and just looked like this,” said Andrew Reid, who’s visiting North Myrtle Beach.

“For hours we were sitting on our balcony watching it, where the part that’s missing that was the main area the waves kept hitting,” said Jackie Stone, a visitor to North Myrtle Beach.

A resident of North Myrtle Beach said the storm surge also destroyed turtle nests that were getting ready to hatch.

“We were looking to coming out here on the hatch date with flashlights, guiding the turtles to the water because they would get lost and we were all looking forward to that from about three weeks from now, its a loss,” said Danny Dimarino, a resident of North Myrtle Beach.

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