Police see rise in thefts on the beach during summer months

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Law enforcement in Myrtle Beach said they have seen a rise in beach thefts and police say they want the public to be aware.

Even though it’s something that happens all year round, theft on the beach is something the Myrtle Beach Police Department said happens most during the summertime with more people visiting the beach.

Data from MBPD shows thefts happen much more often this time of year. In May of 2019, approximately 24 thefts happened on the beach with 40 reported in June and 58 in July of 2019. This month, there were approximately 44 thefts and in May, there were 28.

“The biggest challenge with identifying persons responsible is if someone has left their items for over an hour it is very difficult for us to identify a person the last hour, last 45 minutes, even the last 30 minutes was on the beach in that specific place, at that specific time,” Master Corporal for MBPD, Tom Vest said.

Law enforcement said this happens when people leave their personal items alone for a long period of time. Police said if you see something suspicious, it’s important to report it immediately.

“Keep an eye on your things when you are on the beach. Don’t leave your items unattended. If you do see somebody going up to other people’s items, looking through their stuff, call us right away so we can get out there and try to stop them before they take anybody’s stuff,” Vest said.

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