Rowland Police Officer assaulted, Robeson County Sheriff speaks out on social media

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ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WBTW) — Sheriff Burnis Wilkins with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office posted to social media his thoughts about an assault on a Rowland Police Officer that occurred Saturday morning.

Sheriff Wilkins post is in reference to Rowland Police Officer Michael Sale being assaulted Saturday morning.

Wilkins said, “This is the harsh reality that law enforcement in America is facing right now where some think it’s okay to Defund the Police, Assault the Police and actually laugh and video the event while it’s occurring while at the same time encouraging the suspect to continue to fight the officer even after the officer has lost his weapon and is obviously disabled.”

Wilkins went on to say that this is a total disregard for authority and that it could have turned out to be a much more tragic situation.

“A community won’t feel safe with their own law enforcement officers being attacked such as this. In saying this, we will not stand by and allow the criminal element regardless of your race, creed, nationality and so on to wreak havoc in our county. We try so hard to bring our county’s reputation out of the gutter and a few people such as seen here can turn it upside down. Law Enforcement is here to protect and serve. We aren’t the enemy. But we will be seeking out the enemy in the days ahead,” Wilkins said.

Sheriff Wilkins also expressed his thanks to those who support law and justice in our country.


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