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FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence County instructors train their K9’s in schools all of the time, but usually during the summer. They are utilizing schools right now while they are closed due to the pandemic. This week’s training was held at Moore Intermediate School in Florence.

Sgt James Renfroe, Special Operations for FCSO, says they try to do these trainings every Tuesday now to just get a jump start on the process.

“This is for everything. Outside world, inside schools, wherever there’s a situation arises in Florence County we can utilize our dogs,” says Renfroe.

During training, handlers put on protective suits while the other handler and his K9 work together on apprehending what in the real world would be a suspect. Handlers will also release their K9 to attack a target, but then yell signals at them to either stop in their tracks, bite or let go of biting the target. This allows the K9 to know when it is ok or not to bite the subject.

Instructors also place hidden narcotics in lockers and classrooms where the K9 takes its time to sniff it out. The handlers also have no knowledge of where the hidden narcotics are. Sergeant James Renfroe with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office says these trainings better prepare both the K9 and handler respond to real life situations.

“Whether it be on traffic stops, search warrants, apprehending wanted people, or just coming on the request of the schools administration,” says Renfroe.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office says they will continue to use schools during this time as allowed to train their K9 and handlers to keep you all at home safe.

“We try to use a different school every time we come. That gives the K9 and handlers a different aspect and the layout of the schools on the inside in case we have to respond,” says Renfroe.

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